Pretty paperwares

If you're on the run from the norm or would like to inject a little luxury into your stationary, a little bit of paper prettiness could be just the thing, textured, recycled or shimmered, it's all here for the taking.

If you're looking for something extra special, nothing screams luxury more than the feel of hammered paperware or the glimmer of pearlescent stock. Our selection of paper options will allow you to create the perfect touch for your wedding. If you don't see your ideal option, let me know, I can source something specially for you. Just make a note of your preferrence and pop it on your quote request.

Environmental Credentials

We only use professional-grade paperwares which are of the higest quality.

Our printers are FSC Certified and carry the ISO14001 Environmental Management Accreditation. This selection of paperwares are sourced from the finest papermills and suppliers across the UK and come with the right environmental credentials.


A thick (350gsm) bright white card which has a smooth matt finish. This uncoated option has a contemporary feel. Colours will appear slightly muted.


Cream is a smooth, uncoated, thick (400gsm) card, perfect if you’re looking for a sophisticated or classic style. This matt option delivers an understated feel of luxury and elegance.


For a touch of texture, Nettuno is a crisp white, thick (300gsm) uncoated card with very fine defined lines. Lends itself to both contemporary and traditional styles.


A rich cream in colour, Acquerello is textured with very fine defined lines. A thick (280gsm) uncoated card, it’s ideal for creating an old-world or retro feel and works equally as well for a more sophisticated, elegant event.


This thick (300gsm) brown card has a smooth uncoated surface which has a natural textured appearance. Ideal for a rustic or vintage feel.

fresco gesso

This thick (300gsm) has an uncoated finish with a defined hammered texture. It is bright white in colour and is ideal for an elegant, sophisticated or classic style.

tintoretto gesso

This thick (300gsm) card s off white in colour, has an uncoated finish and a subtle hammered texture. Ideal for an elegant, sophisticated or classic style.

rives shetland

Inspired by the undulating land of the Shetlands, this white (250gsm) thick uncoated paper has a subtle woven texture. Perfect for a touch of elegance.


This thick (300gsm) uncoated off white card has a subtle lined texture. Perfect for traditional styling or a touch of elegance.

pearl polar

The most popular pearlescent stock, pearl polar is a thick (300gsm) off white card with a subtle shimmer. Perfect for adding a little extra sparkle to your event.

pearl oyster

With the natural tones of fresh water pearls, pearl oyster is a thick (300gsm) pearlescent card which has a subtle shimmer. Perfect if you want to turn up the wow factor - gives print a subltle metallic feel.

ice gold

Ice Gold is a thick (300gsm) white card infused with golden hues. This pearlescent card has a subtle warm shimmer, it really is the 'all that glistens' ‘piece de resistance’.

Bright, bold or muted

If you want to add a coloured or patterend background to your invites, we can do that.

Patterns and block colours can all be printed to give your invites the look you desire, this can be acheived by printing onto white or textured card. So if you want a navy invite with white text and a gold geometric pattern, you've got it, simply choose white as your card option. Here's a few examples of white card used as the base with ink creating the background colours.